The Coaching Experience


Productive Coaching’s highly collaborative and individualized process helps accelerate your results and successes while balancing life’s competing priorities. With extensive productivity and leadership expertise, we understand you working harder isn’t a sustainable strategy, but working smarter is.

Using powerful and proven coaching strategies and tools, you’ll get laser focused on where you're going and why. You’ll be helped to strategize your actions, upgrade your skills, maximize your environment, and uncover and address your limiting beliefs and actions.  Powerful questioning, active listening, affirmations, empathy and truth telling help create an optimum environment for Action Acceleration and lasting results.  

Also, whether you’re an existing, emerging or aspiring leader, your competencies will be optimized using proven 360 leadership assessments and interpretation, making you more respected, effective and promotable.


Understanding that change is a process, clients and teams typically meet for 45-55 minutes weekly via Zoom, phone or in-person (with additional phone and email access when needed).  Different length contracts and assessment tools are available based on coaching needs.  Click here to find out mutual expectations when working together.


To see how you, your team and/or organization can benefit from Productive Coaching's proven approach, simply complete go to the Contact page or call 610.416.9651 to set up your no obligation, complimentary session.